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We value your business and want you to be delighted with your order from New Mexico Catalog.  We make every effort to fulfill your order in an accurate and timely manner.

To ensure your satisfaction, we carefully monitor and control every aspect of your order to the best of our ability.  This includes order processing, product quality and freshness, packaging, shipping and customer service. 

If you are not satisfied with your order, for any reason, please email us or call us immediately and speak to a customer service representative. If the problem is with mishandling on our end or inaccurate fulfilling of your order we will gladly replace that portion of your order which was not correct.  If we determine a refund is in order, we will issue it within 30 days with a company check or credit card.

Perishable items and special orders are not returnable.

We are not responsible for unforeseen delays created by carriers, delays caused by weather, damage resulting from delayed opening of perishable packages or improper handling after the package is received.

We reserve the right to conduct an investigation into claims that are potentially fraudulent. Please do not discard any packaging until you have contacted us.